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Ben Bonham: Home

The best way to find out where I am playing is by sending me an email and requesting to be on my email list.

I mostly play around The Columbia Gorge, sometime in Portland, occasionally elsewhere.

I usually send an email every week - I play about 4 gigs per week.

You can ask to be taken off at any time, so if you are in town just for a while, sign up and then ask to be removed when you leave. It is a private list, managed by me alone.

Thanks for listening.



The Oregon magazine 1859 recently featured Ben in a story on Oregon songwriters. Read the article.


Ben Bonham has worked professionally as a performer, educator and session musician for 20 years.  He makes his home in the beautiful Hood River valley in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge.  

“Ben Bonham, an expat Brit, spends most of his time on National Steel guitars and lap steels.  He devilishly evokes front-porch picking sessions and Hawaiian luaus with his liquid strokes, but can cop a nasty swing on demand. . .a supremely accomplished guitarist” –Don Campbell, The Oregonian

Ben’s guitar playing is rooted in the music of pre-radio America when all music was LIVE and styles weren’t pigeonholed.  Like his favorite musicians from the 1920’s, Ben’s range comfortably spans genres—on any given night you might catch him playing country blues, ragtime, vintage swing, Delta blues, folk, jazz, old-time country, and Hawaiian.