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Hapa Hillbillies "I've Never Been to New Orleans"

Here it is, the much anticipated second release from the Hapa Hillbillies. Continuing the theme of places I have notfront.jpg been, this time it's New Orleans. This disc is packed with swinging ukuleles, steel guitar and soaring clarinet--not to mention the famous "harmonizing hillbillies." There's some Hawaiian stuff and some blues and even some jazzy things going on. I wonder where we won't have been next. . .


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Hapa Hillbillies "I've Never Been to Hawaii"

We all dream of paradise. Ben has wanted to visit Hawaii since he was a 14 year old, surfing English waves atHHB_cover.jpg Croyd Bay. Now whilst it’s true that some of The Hapa Hillbillies have recently visited the Islands, Ben still has not.

And so, every Monday evening The Hapa Hillbillies pretend it is 1929 and sing and play this music acoustically at Solstice Wood Fire Cafe , for friends, locals and visitors - just like they used to in the lobbies of the great old Hawaiian hotels.

In the late teens, the first Hawaiians brought the ukulele, steel guitar and highly exotic, practically naked Hula dancers to the U.S. mainland and, understandably, the craze for all things Hawaiian exploded! Fueling this Island frenzy was the music of the day, with almost everyone singing Hawaiian or Hapa Haole songs. The Hapa Hillbillies are our effort to recreate the music of that golden era.  Along with Ben, the band consists of Larry Wyatt, Rick Hulett, Dennis Williams and Ronnie Ontiveros.   

If you ever get to Bingen, Washington then please come to the Solstice on a Monday night – they’ll be there. For now, play this CD, close your eyes and get carried away with sentimental nostalgia for a different time and place

Stillway & Bonham

Top of the PDX Pops, 2004

"My favorite local album this year is quite literally beyond words. The instrumental acoustic guitar duets ofStill_Bon.jpgStillway & Bonham won me over from the very first spin. Far from mere roadmaps for jams or collections of riffs, Ben Bonham and Jamie Stillway write real, solid, honest-to-goodness songs that just happen to have no lyrics; the duo's individual talents and sympathetic interplay are lyrical enough". Jeff Rosenberg - WILLAMETTE WEEK 

"If you can listen to this record without tapping your feet, grinning like an idiot and feeling a strong desire to move to Portland: Jack, you’re dead.  This Oregon duo’s silver platter is the most fun you can slip into a CD tray.  The tunes dance and frolic and peek and tickle and whisper naughty little secrets, slip an ice cube down your shirt, put a flower in your hair, kiss you when you aren’t looking and invite you to a slow dance that lasts forever. It’s . . .just . . .perfect! Stillway (archtop) and Bonham (reso) are amazing guitarists who don’t flaunt their abilities at all, they’re not out to impress us or each other, but to help us have a good time, whether through languid strumming of great big chords or frenetic romps that owe as much to Spike Jones as Django. The pair wrote most of the material, Ms. Stillway favoring the hot, swingy sound, Mr. Bonham slowing down for the sexy slide work. This is definitely a CD to adore, whatever your tastes and experiences in music.  Wow." –Tom Peterson,

Trash Can Joe "Wrong Side of Town"

"Duke Ellington drew a major line in the musical sand: You either swing, or you don't. Trashcan Joe swings. LikeTJ.jpgnobody in town.....a quartet of inestimable talent, humor of the tongue-firmly-in-cheek variety, and a certainpreservationist quality for the string swing that found favor in the 1920’s and ‘30’s.........Their new CD (2004), “Wrong Side Of Town”, has 15 delightful songs that jump and swing and tickle a musical funny bone. There's nothing deep or ponderous here. It's all about sweet little melodies, relaxed harmonies, and the deft execution of that darned swing music....... Trashcan Joe is a marvel, a wonder that defies categorization in any sort of contemporary setting. The one word that seems to cover the band is charm". 5 out of 5 stars  

--Don Campbell, The Oregonian

The Waikiki Steel Works

Another very popular CD - steel guitar and ukulele, slack key and vintage Hawaiian. Recorded in San Francisco with the great Frank Novicki.WSW.jpg

Ragged Blues Show



Ben Bonham and Cap'n James Cook playing old time delta blues and ragtime. Ben plays a 1927Ragged_Blues.jpgNational spare neck #2tricone on track 6, an Arrow ‘Red Rocket’ archtop on track 4, a Kincaid Cabot Parlor guitar on track 7 and a 1930 National Triolian on all other tracks. James plays a one string bass made out of a trashcan with a Model T horn, concierge bell, some antique milkcan drums and a splash cymbal.

Kids Only

Kids.jpgA CD of original and traditional kids songs - performed by my One Man Band. The first track "Chew Your Food" is requested more often than any other song I play!

Older Recordings/Out of Print

  • Slide Show Many people still say this is their favorite Ben Bonham recording, sadly out of print.
  • Ben Bonham & His Amazing One Man Band The title says it all really - blues and rags abound.
  • San Francisco Bound My original One Man Band CD - currently out of print.
  • And They're Red Hot Cassette release (remember those days?) with "The Roustabouts" - guitar, harmonica and washboard duo from the UK
  • Blues, Rags and that good old Devils music My first ever recording, once again The Roustabouts 


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